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The Veterans of Quarantine

What are we going to wear after the end of the pandemic?

We are already in our second lockdown, since the start of the global pandemic. Our lifestyle, our everyday life and our priorities have changed and so does fashion. For most of us, style used to be an important and integrant part of our professional, personal and social identity. But how you are able to embrace it if you spend at least 18 hours at home? Time flows slower, pace starts changing and most of us ended up wearing the same pjs for an undefinable period of time! At the same time, our fashion needs were also converted, since a new category of clothing emerged: loungewear. Comfy, stylish and cosy, the replacement of pajamas were usually co-ords made of light and soft fabrics that you can wear them from the bedroom to the zoom call.

Of course, the big fashion brands embraced the new trends and re-evaluated the style and the designs of the season, presenting minimal and simple lines with comfortable fit and a touch of luxury-at-home.  But we cannot help but wonder what are we going to wear after the end of the pandemic? How style will be defined after a global crisis? Are fashion trends officially dead? Are the concepts “collection” and “season” going to disappear? Right now the fashion industry seems as a huge wardrobe and both creators and clients are standing in front of it thinking that “they have nothing to wear”.

It is true that the crisis, which followed pandemic, affected fashion and, as a result, our fashion habits. Nothing is going to be the same and this is actually a good twist for both fashion professionals and fashion lovers. While we can only assume how the new era of fashion will be, the signs of the post-pandemic dressing code start being visible through the social media platforms and the new concepts of the big fashion brands. So, here are some things we expect to see the following months:

Collections will be smaller and better in quality: Less designs, better fabrics and longer life span of clothing. The new era of fashion will bring a new kind of apparel focused on sustainability and duration. At the same time, the concept of “season” will start fading and the clothing lines will bring a range of outfits wearable all year long (sounds like a plan to me!).

Freedom of movement: Loungewear is here to stay and will merge with casualwear and workwear. The new collections are going to bring minimal designs, with comfortable fit and co-ords that will easily replace total outfits. In addition, light fabrics, oversized pieces and sets will take over our wardrobes and, to be honest, we can’t wait for it!

Active comfort & romantic minimalism: these two fashion styles will define 2021. The combination of sophisticated activewear and feminine simplicity are going to bring loose-fitting, soft outfits such as airy dresses, wide trousers and open back tops. Puffed proportions and leather finish are the new classics that will define aesthetics post-pandemic.

Pandemic gave the opportunity for fashion to change. Consumer needs and priorities are involved and the new lifestyle demands a new way of dressing. Trends are no longer enough to satisfy our need of expression; brands and logos have no longer the same impact as they used to; the veterans of quarantine, spending over a year now in their joggers, are now asking for comfort, durability and aesthetic simplicity.

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