Hello Cubies,

Welcome back!

This season will all make you happy, as there are infinite trends to satisfy each fashion taste and style.

Intense shades like fuchsia or red but also darker colors such as black, brown or purple, dark floral patterns for vibrant looks even in winter, leather items as well as printed tights are just some of the trends that you will notice in catwalks,
In addition you will spot puff sleeve shirts and dresses, but also strict suits that will become your new fashion obsession.

So this years, get ready to be thrilled with the fashion trends of the autumn/winter 2019/20. They are so many and so different, that it is impossible to not find trends that will excite you.

For now, adieu little fashion sizzlers, but stay tuned, as the most anticipated event in the world of fashion is approaching; so, we’ll come back to update you in detail on what will impress on the Paris Fashion week catwalks!

Au revoir!